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Cube Graphics Studio

For over six years we’ve been enhancing the image of companies around the world by offering them our extensive knowledge, expertise and design talent. Our team of professionals collectively work together providing solutions to tasks that other companies may see as impossible and our comprehensive services and individual attention, enable us to meet the most demanding expectations. From native mobile apps, websites, and CGI renders through to graphic design and printed brochures, Studio Cube are always looking for the next challenge. Why not get in contact with us today and find out how we can help you…

Meet the team

Rafał Lisiecki

Rafał Lisiecki

Owner / CEO / Office Manager in London

The Founder of Studio Cube — Rafal is obsessed with organisation and structuring, with breakfast consisting of information fed straight from the CRM system. Sometimes a real chatterbox, Rafal holds a Master’s degree and is a software engineer specialising in multimedia. His hobbies include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and strength sports and he is a happy husband and father of a four year old daughter.

  • Business development 95%
  • Creativity 85%
  • Project management 90%
Rafał Lisiecki

Magdalena Lisiecka

Chief Financial Director

An economist by education, Magdalena has a scientific mind with a penchant for numbers — in other words the bean counter! Living in a world of invoices, balance sheets, financial calculations and contracts, Magda understands the mysterious language and murky world of accountants. If there was an award for ‘The upholder of order in business documentation’ Magdalena would win it hands down. She is also a mother of a four year old daughter.

  • Economy 92%
  • Management 78%
  • Analytic thinking 93%
Rafał Lisiecki

Magdalena Oleszczuk

Head of Sales / Office Manager in Torun

The other Magdalena in Studio Cube! Some call her – workaholic, which undoubtedly is true, nothing is impossible for her and she believes that even the most overwhelming problem can be solved. The term ‘work/life balance’ holds no meaning to Magdalena and she finds it hard to distinguish her time off from work as she enjoys it so much, yet she still finds time for the little ‘footballing man’ in her life, Dominic who means the world to her.

  • Engagement in work 100%
  • Stress resistance 86%
  • Team management 84%
Agata Kurniewicz

Agata Kurniewicz

Customer Advisor / Marketing Specialist

Agata’s motto is ‘…Not only the best, but an exceptional level of customer service’ a passion which she delivers on a daily basis. She ensures that all design meets the requirements of the client and that it stands out from the competition. She upholds deadlines, monitors time, planned budget and administers coffee to those who need it! Constantly tracking new trends in marketing, Agata is graduate of UMK (Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun), and mother of two daughters.

  • Customer service 93%
  • Marketing 88%
  • Project management 83%
Rafał Lisiecki

Bartek Muczyń

Head of 3D Department

A decade of 3D visualisation experience and a passion for perfection mean Bartek is uncompromising in terms of the quality he delivers. As he says, ‘You have to give 100% of yourself or nothing.’ He likes all kinds of challenges that require creativity and skills enhancement and loves the company of people. Out of hours Bartek is a keen lover of motorcycles and volleyball, and his personality is colourful as the clothes he wears!

  • Creativity 92%
  • Accuracy 98%
  • Self organisation 100%
Rafał Lisiecki

Ewelina Fiedler

Head of animation / video

Fascinated by animating still images, Ewelina is an animator with passion as well as a trained graphic artist and painter. Devoting herself to her projects, she spends most of the time on creating animation and cutting video materials. Out of hours Ewelina dedicates her time to an energetic one year old daughter and grueling bicycle trips.

  • Creativity 87%
  • Self organisation 92%
  • Accuracy 88%

What we do?

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Our website uses cookies, as almost all websites do, to help provide you with the best experience we can.